Sensual World
"Words on the telephone, darling!
I feel alone.
Words of your emails or postcards,
Bab’ please, come home.
Words are like silver, your touch is gold,
Love is a gift, but words may be sold.
Come in my secret garden.
Come in my sensual world. …”
“When Venus smiles down from the seam of a cloud,
She's searching for new lovers within the wide crowd.
She wants them to serve her by praising her name.
Who would not believe in her power and fame?"
Old Gun: (look at my video)
“I dreamt you showed me an old rusty gun,
A weapon, a pistol, and it wasn’t for fun,
I shook my head and I cried a bit,
But you didn't notice you never did."
No guarantee
“Let it go. Let it grow.
Let it flow. Let me know.
Take it slow. Swing it low.
Let your feelings show."
“...I bring you pure clear water,
from a magic source,
I ask the wind to lend me
its miraculous force,
To give you hope for both of us.
Don’t be afraid anymore!
My heart has opened its widest door…”

"...Birds have told me how to sing,
About sorrows, ‘bout hope,
About the simple things.
My ears are collecting, my throat is expecting,
To search for unconscious memory,
That is my job, my deal, my destiny..."
The Greatest Dance
“The greatest dance of all the kinds
Is when you leave your fear behind
With joy my heart beats; Hope is my flame
It guides me through the lifelong game…”
Just Right
"...Starlight! Sometimes I feel just right,
Show us how to stop the fight,
Star constellations send magic to earth,
In correlation with death and our birth,
Your have been there before,
And you'll stay more."

Sensual World
No guarantee Confession Illuminated
The Greatest Dance Just Right Little Wonders