Round Midnight - When Jazz meets classics
An Innovation for le Festival Nancy Jazz Pulsation 2011
Corinne Chatel and the string quartet of Ensemble Stanislas

Arrangements: Marc Schaefer

This program suggests a re-visitation of the standards of the jazz of the thirties and the forties. Although the string quartet is seldom present in the classic jazz, it is an ideal partner for the voice around which it weaves a bright shimmering sound palette the vibration of which evokes the world of the silent cinema, arouses the imagination and opens a door to dreams and nostalgia. Corinne Chatel, singer and poet, will weave colorful and rhythmical improvisations around the velvet cords by her expressive and scintillating voice. From this encounter between the world of jazz and the classic music, a novel musical world will emerge; an extraordinary, spontaneous and profound universe in our days.